Boiler controls

Remeha offers various types of advanced boiler controls (thermostats) for both domestic and commercial use. For detailed information on the models available in your market, please refer to the country site of your country’s specific site.

Efficient use of energy can be further increased by using smart, modulating boiler controls, both in domestic or commercial situations. Modulation provides the following environmental, financial and comfort benefits:

  • Less gas consumption thanks to higher efficiency
  • Additional energy savings because a lower room temperature can be set without sacrificing comfort
  • Prevention of cycling, reducing wear and maintenance costs
  • Fewer emissions of unburned gas due to reduced number of burner starts
  • Increased comfort due to lower fluctuations in water and air temperatures
  • Reduced emissions of gases such as NOx and CO2

Advanced boiler controls can easily upgrade a simple on/off controlled heating system into a more advanced fuel-efficient, fully modulating room or weather compensated installation. When controlled using outside or room sensors, boilers can fully modulate for maximum efficiency. Flow temperature can be directly controlled via outside weather or inside compensation at all times, using the Open Therm® communication standard.

Open Therm® standard
The OpenTherm® communication protocol provides interchangeable modulating controls between brands. Remeha boiler controls come with the OpenTherm® communication as standard for modulating heating installations.

Remeha has a large range of advanced boiler controls, with a high degree of usability and in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry.