Remeha: at the forefront of renewable technology

Renewable technologies use natural and naturally replenished resources, such as heat from the sun, wind, water or from biomass, to provide domestic hot water and space heating.
Remeha is at the forefront of the shift towards using renewable energy and we have invested heavily in the development of reliable solutions. Our commitment to the renewables market has resulted in a growing range of products and solutions.

Micro-CHP refers to the small-scale production of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for individual commercial buildings and homes. CHP, or cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of useful heat and electricity from a single source. It provides an excellent low (or zero) carbon dioxide alternative to a gas boiler. Micro-CHP units meet the demand for space heating and hot water whilst providing electricity to supplement or replace the grid supply. Remeha is the first company worldwide to have commercially available micro-CHP combi boilers.

Solar energy
Remeha’s range of solar energy solutions includes systems for domestic use as well as large scale collective systems, often applied in commercial buildings and housing units with a high demand for heating and hot water. Remeha’s domestic solar energy systems can provide for approximately 60% of an average household’s hot water demand and help to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Remeha’s solar energy products may be combined with e.g. heat pumps and high efficiency boilers to maximise efficiency.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps can produce up to four times more energy than they use during operation and can save around 30% or two tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Remeha offers several types of high efficiency air source heat pumps for use in a wide range of commercial buildings and housing units. Remeha heat pumps are especially effective when connected to large scale solar energy systems and/or high output condensing boilers, together creating high efficiency energy saving solutions.

Biomass is a highly efficient, low to zero carbon dioxide fuel source for heating equipment. The term biomass is used to describe fuel that is derived from organic material of recent origin, rather than a fossil fuel that has taken millions of years to develop. Biomass absorbs carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere while it is growing and therefore cancels out any carbon dioxide produced during combustion. Remeha offers several biomass boilers (wood chip and/or pellet) as carbon dioxide neutral heating solutions.

For detailed information on Remeha’s renewable energy products available in your market, please refer to your country's specific site.