Employees and ethics

Our business and success highly depend on our people. We have policies designed to recruit and retain our high calibre employees who are crucial to the success of our business and to achieving our mission: to be profitable, competitive and leading in our field of work.

Remeha recognises both individual and team performances and we invest in the personal and professional development of our employees. Our common welfare is of key importance for every employee, supplier or customer related to our organisation, services and products.

We understand the importance of good communications and relations with our employees and that our ability to meet the needs of our customers in a profitable and competitive manner depends on the contribution of all Remeha employees.

Remeha respects the cultural differences of a multinational organisation. We expect our employees to share our common values and to maintain a high degree of professionalism in their field of work. We encourage our employees to develop their contribution to the business wherever they work. Remeha promotes equal treatment for all employees or potential employees in line with relevant national legislation and European directives relating to equal opportunities.

Our company culture is based on open and sustainable relations with customers and suppliers. At the same time we expect results and full commitment from everyone who works for and with us.

In the Netherlands, we have dedicated a foundation to maintaining and promoting local employment opportunities. The foundationís main goal is to retain Remehaís self-reliance, continuity and employment. Additionally, initiatives are stimulated regarding existing and new local business activities, especially in the industrial and services sectors.