Remeha: a responsible business

Remeha is an international company with a strong sense of responsibility for our 550 employees, their families and environment. We pride ourselves on being a responsible business. This commitment is reflected in all our operations and in our relationships with stakeholders, whether they be employees, customers, suppliers, other partners, or the communities in which we operate.

At Remeha we carefully select our business partners and always try to ensure they embrace the same set of values and standards that we have set for ourselves. Our aim for success and profitability is aimed at contributing to, not harming, the well-being of our community.

We invest in the development of sustainable and visible supply chains with our suppliers, ensuring responsible sourcing and manufacturing of our products to a high standard of product safety. Moreover, we have set ourselves strict conditions regarding compliance with prevailing law for all locations and circumstances we operate in.

We screen our suppliers with regard to sustainability and environment-friendliness. Our own initiatives include e.g. the use of recyclable packaging wherever possible in our business processes. We have optimised energy efficiency, saving on lighting and re-using residual heat from business processes to heat our buildings.

As the world becomes ever more aware of the impact of climate change, Remeha works hard to develop intelligent, increasingly energy efficient heating systems. We aim to improve traditional technologies and continue to develop and work on renewable technologies such as micro-CHP, solar energy, heat pumps and biomass.